• multi-oil burners CBW
  • multi-oil boilers FORNAX
  • multi-fuel heaters NS




Multi-oil CBW burners are the best devices for the combustion of used oils and medium and light fuel oils in the power range from 30 to 150 kW. The power range for the CBW-50 burner is 30 to 100 kW, whereas 80 to 150 kW for the CBW-150 burner

Multi-oil CBW burners with syphon-type nozzle have oil and air heating system. Heated oil is dispersed compressed air, which is required for burner operation (it is necessary to purchase small compressor or use the existing one). Multi-oil burner is adapted for combustion of semi-heavy oils, vegetable oils, bio-fuels, used oils (engne, hydraulic, gear oils) and of course light fuel oils. Our burners are made from European parts of the highest quality from renown producers (Danfoss starter, Danfos control system, Delavan nozzle, Delta pump).



FORNAX steel water boilers with CBW type burners are adapted for combustion of used engine oil (and its mixtures), machine, gear, hydraulic and turbine oil, vegetable oil and common fuel oil. Due to its modified triple structure it is possible to obtain high power with relatively small boiler dimensions. The standard version includes: steel body, simple automatic control system with supply thermostat, main switch, electrical safety switch, STB (boiler-water high temperature safety switch) and burner set (burner, pumping unit, oil filters, oil line check valve, suction line connection pipes).



NS heaters are an indispensable heat source in the workplace, especially: car workshops, production halls, warehouses, etc. They may also be used as a heating module in a mechanical duct ventilation system. The NS heater is equipped with a simple to use and reliable automatic control system, which starts the device, when the temperature in the building drops below the preset value. NS heaters utilize a centrifugal fan, which facilitates connection to ventilation duct systems and uniform distribution of heated air throughout the target site. The heated air outlet from the heat exchanger is left free, and is easily adaptable to the users needs.


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